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Acer Inc is a company based in Taiwan which specializes in hardware & electronics. Acer’s product lineup includes desktop PCs, laptop, tablets, servers, storage devices, virtual reality gadgets, smartphones and more.

Currently, Acer has started focusing on the integration of cloud services & the development of mobile & wearable devices with ground-breaking features. But just as with every great being, Acer also happens to have issues. You can avail our Acer Support team to get rid of the unwanted faults with your laptop and get practical solutions from our experts. In case you are facing issues with your Acer laptop, connect with our team of experts immediately.

Have A Quick View At Our Acer Customer Service

There are several portals through which our users can avail Acer customer support benefits. You can call us, email us or have a live chat with our expert technicians and engineers at any time. Our experts are always available and ready to serve you with the best product solutions.

Our customer support team comprises of highly trained and experienced staff. The support portals include Acer Chat Support, Email Support, and a toll-free helpline. The experts offer the most simple yet productive solution to our customers. Be it hardware issues, speaker repairing, or any other issue related to your Acer device.

Common Acer Issues You Can Come Across

Although Acer laptops are considered to be one of the best amongst all other laptop brands, it does not exclude itself from the severe glitches. Here we are providing an overview of the services that our Acer Support agents can help you deal with.

Laptop Overheating followed by forced shut down –  Overheating is a common problem that all the laptop users face. The laptop overheats when the laptop fan is full of dirt or if no longer working. A malfunctioning fan causes the laptop to heat up.

Stretched Images on Widescreen Acer Laptops – Many users report that the images on their laptop screen are showing up as stretched images. This is often a configuration problem which is caused by incorrect display configuration or using the wrong graphics driver.

USB Port Failure – Sometimes, the USB ports on the Acer laptops fail to work. It comes as a severe issue for the users. We have service packages to fix such issues by reinstalling the drivers.

Computer Motherboard Failure – Your Acer laptop will not boot, if you have a malfunctioning motherboard. We can help you to get rid of the problem by providing easy fixes.

Black Laptop Screen – Some users of Acer laptops reports of getting a black screen on their laptop. Black screen occurs due to a burned LCD backlight.

HDD Issues –  Some Acer laptops are known to have hard disk failures and crashes. The click of death, as some call it, is another issue that can cause HDD errors.

Charging issue your Acer laptop –  If your charging slot malfunctions or is damaged your laptop remains uncharged. You can reach us to get valuable solutions from our support team.

Acer laptop is not turning on – Laptop not booting can occur if your computer is not charging or you have some technical glitches with the power socket. When the computer is unable to hold the charge, your laptop tends not to boot.

These are a few possibilities of the Acer laptop issues. Users may face several other consequences which if not fixed in time will damage your device permanently. If you face some other glitches except the one mentioned above, connect with our Acer Technical Support team without wasting time.

Know More About Our Experts

We provide services at a very cost-effective rate and always maintain authenticity and transparency in our services. Our Acer Customer Service experts are well versed with all the possible glitches that an Acer laptop may encounter.

The certified experts are always available to serve you with the best possible solutions to fix the laptop issue that you are encountering. We first analyze the reasons behind the reported problem and then try to guide you with excellent solutions and fix the problems instantly.

Reasons To Rely On Us | Acer Tech Support

These three reasons have helped us make our mark from other support services in this technological world. We assure you to provide brilliant easy hacks to resolve all the difficulties that you are currently going through.


We ensure that our team of experts are very co-operative and with help you by providing problem-solving strategies.

Quick tips

We always aim to offer time-bound technical solutions so that it can save a lot of your time. We value your time hence we provide easy and quick tips to our customers.

Friendly Environment

We deliver our services at pocket-friendly rates and always value our customers. We provide complete assurance regarding the successful completion of our fault preventive actions.

You will only need to take out some time from your hectic schedule to ring us and discuss the queries. Leave the rest up to us; we will fix your technical concern with a fast service.

Contact Us For Instant Solutions | Acer Tech Support

So, if you are unable to repair or resolve your problems on your own, seek help from us. Our Acer tech support team is always ready to help you with the most practical solutions. Contact us by calling Acer support number and share complicated issue you are facing.

Call Us – Just place a call on our Acer customer service number, whenever you get stuck with an error. We can provide you with solutions no matter what issues you encounter.

Email Us –  Also, you can drop us emails stating your queries at our official email id. Our executives can call you back with the right solutions right away or as per your convenience.

Chat With Us – Alternatively, you can directly chat with our Acer support through our Acer support chat. We have experts always available on chat to help you out whenever you want.