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Outlook is a web-mail service developed and marketed by Microsoft. It was launched as Hotmail in 1996 and then relaunched as Microsoft Outlook in 2013. It is the users’ first choice over all the mailing services due to its user-friendly interface and advanced features, such as video chat, voicemail, huge storage capacity, etc.

Outlook can be accessed from any computer or laptop along with any mobile device, including the iPhone. All Operating Systems, such as Windows, Blackberry OS, and even MAC OS supports Outlook. Nowadays, Outlook is widely used across the globe for personal usees as well as for business. Big corporations are also the users of Outlook since they use it as their official corporate mail ID.

With a bunch of pros, comes a few cons as well which you can’t ignore. You might often encounter issues such as any suspicious activities, forgotten passwords, problems in accessing the account or error sending/receiving messages, unable to access the emails, etc.

This is the time when you should look for a trusted service provider who can offer you the best-in-class Microsoft Outlook support services. However, we have provided some quick tips to troubleshoot Outlook problems initially which you can apply on your own.

Common Issues You Might Encounter While Accessing Outlook Email Service

Email issues can be highly troublesome if not attended appropriately. Therefore, it is always wise to remove the errors as soon as possible, as delaying might cause severe damage that can stop you from accessing your important emails.

In such instances, prior and accurate knowledge about the possible Outlook errors will help you to avoid the chance of their occurrence. Have a look at the following list of Outlook issues which might trouble you more often:

  • An issue in creating a new outlook account
  • Sudden and frequent Outlook crashes
  • Your Outlook emails might land into receivers Spam mailbox
  • Password recovery issue
  • Corrupted Outlook PST, resulting in inaccessibility of data on your Outlook account
  • Mail synchronization error
  • Sign out problem
  • Frequent start-up issues with Outlook account
  • Error in a file attachment
  • You cannot recover your missing Outlook emails
  • Issues in POP & IMAP
  • Outlook mail sign in error
  • Getting mail automatically
  • A problem in Reading and composing mail

Keep reading this article to avail of quick repair solutions which you can primarily apply to fix Outlook problems.

Smart Fixes To Eliminate Common Outlook Errors | Outlook Customer Service

The best way to solve common Outlook errors is by seeking help from reliable Outlook support. However, if you want to make an attempt to solve the problems on your own and save some bucks, you can try out some easy solutions. Apply the simple methods mentioned below to troubleshoot Outlook email errors quickly.

Method 1: Identifying Probable Outlook Add-in Related Errors

  • Sign out from your Outlook account
  • Try to run a new dialog box by following any of the methods given below:
    • If you’re running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 8, then press the Windows key + R together.
    • If you’re running Windows 7, then click Start, type Run in the Search box, and then click Run.
  • Write Outlook or safe within the stipulated field and then click “OK”.
  • If the issue is fixed, then click Options on the File menu, hit on “add-ins” option.
  • Select “COM add-ins” and then, click “go”
  • Select all the checkboxes in the list, and then click “OK”
  • Restart Outlook and check if the issue still exists. Now, start adding the add-ins one at a time until the issue occurs.

If the above-mentioned process fails to resolve the issue you are facing then, try out another method which is given below.

Method 2: Repair Office

  1. Open Control Panel, and then click “uninstall a program”.
  2. Check the displayed list of installed programs and right-click on “Office installation”
  3. Finally, click “change” and then “online repair”.

In case, you didn’t receive any satisfactory result even after trying this simple method, apply the next one.

Method 3: Run Outlook Diagnostics

Note: You must have an O365 account to run this diagnostic. To identify and repair Outlook connectivity issues, install the “Office 365 support and recovery assistant”. Then, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Run SaRA
  • On the first screen, select Outlook, and then click “next”
  • Select any of the following options, as appropriate, and then click “next”
  • Outlook won’t start
  • Your Outlook account keeps hanging or freezing
  • Outlook keeps crashing with a message “Microsoft Outlook has stopped working.”
  • SaRA runs some diagnostic checks and returns some possible solutions for you to use to address the Outlook connectivity issues

In case this above-mentioned procedure also fails to make your Outlook email account error-free, go for the next method which is explained.

Method 4: Develop your new Outlook account

  1. Go to “Control Panel” and then tap on “Mail”
  2. You need to tap on “Show Profiles”
  3. Select the profile that you want to get rid of and then click “remove”
  4. Tap on “add”
  5. Within the “profile dialogue box”, enter a suitable name for your new profile
  6. Specify the user name, the primary SMTP address, and the password
  7. Then, tap on “next”
  8. You may receive the following message:
    1. Allow this website to configure alias@domain server settings?
    2. In this message, click to select the “don’t ask me about this website again” checkbox, and then tap on “allow”
  9. When you’re prompted, enter your login credentials, and then click “OK”
  10. The moment the “setup” process completes, tap on “finish”

If this process also disappoints you with negative outcomes, apply another process which is given below.

Step 5: Run SaRA Advanced Diagnostics Before You Contact Microsoft Outlook Support

This step creates diagnostic details and gives you the option to upload them so that they can be reviewed by an engineer before you seek professional support.

  • Run SaRA
  • Select “Advanced Diagnostics”
  • Choose the Outlook diagnostic.
  • Select Create a detailed report of my Outlook, Office, Windows, and mailbox configuration, and then click “next”

Still receiving the same Outlook errors even after applying all possible repair methods? Then, there must be some critical issue behind those problems which require expert attention. Professional experts can only solve the issues within a short span by offering pocket-friendly Outlook customer service. Arrange the same as soon as possible to bring back your faulty Outlook account in the proper track and start utilizing it.

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